The wheel keeps on turning….

I really have no idea how it can possibly be almost the end of week 6 and I am scrambling to finish the week 4 task. Hmmmmm….. I definitely need to get better at carving out time for this simplifying my life challenge. Things haven’t felt very simple during the past couple of weeks.

But I am determined  not to give up on this challenge (or give up my belief that I can keep at it) so here goes for my Wheel of Life.

I actually found it quite difficult to identify my 8 priority areas. As you can see from my core value and mission statement posts, narrowing things down isn’t my forte; I’m a cover-all-bases kind of gal! I feel like on a different day I might have selected slightly different areas but these feel ok for now. And my wheel looks a bit like this: My wheel of life (why won’t it let me insert my image???)

This is definitely a useful exercise – it is plain for all to see what I would like to be working on. I haven’t given any 5s, but that suits me. Life would get boring if things were perfect 😉

So what do I need? More fun, play &  adventure, more involvement in our community and more creativity. Things feel a bit stagnant and a bit insular at the moment, which I guess isn’t surprising given that we have a 7 month-old in the family. We have certainly come out of that newborn cave into which we all tend to retreat but I still long for more connections outside our own family and more fun rather than just getting through each day. And I want to be giving to our community.

We are definitely moving in the right direction: I volunteer on a radio show and I am on the committee of management at kinder. My husband is on the committee at the toy library and we are already booking out weekends well in advance for camping trips and some other outdoor adventures. This is what we are longing for! We spent a lot of time in very remote places in the early years of our relationship and we are both desperately missing time in wild places. The city is very convenient for work and being close to family but not so good for the parts of our soul that need to be deep in nature.

My relationships with family and friends feels pretty good to me. After all, connection is my #1 core value. There is no question our marriage could do with some more quality time (whose couldn’t once kids are in the picture) but at the end of the day we adore one another and manage to be mostly kind to one another. And when we give in to stress and tiredness we are good at apologising, talking and reconnecting. My role as Mum is most definitely a work in progress and I question myself every single day. But I feel good about the fact that I am deeply committed to being the best Mum and I can be and I read, think and talk about parenting every day. I know I am doing the best I can and I am learning every single day. And despite the busy-ness of each day and my extreme tiredness, I am strongly connected to a cherished group of friends. Not a day goes by when I don’t have a proper chat with at least one of my close girlfriends either on the phone or during a playdate. I feel so blessed to have the friends I do.

As for health and wellbeing, it is just the same old story. I need more sleep and more time to exercise. But things are getting better; I am back to walking every morning (with baby now) and no matter what happens we eat nourishing and healthy food. That has always been a huge priority for me and I love to cook. With time I’ll be back at the gym and in the pool.

As well as more fun and play in day-to-day life I’d really like to be flexing my creative muscles. Other than in the kitchen, I have been feeling decidedly uncreative. Going back to choir at night  is a bit tricky at the moment but that shouldn’t stop me singing around the house, should it? And I know we could be doing more fun creative art and craft activities at home.

There are things I love and things I hate about our home but there are plans afoot to make some changes there. We’re not quite sure what to do next but at least we are thinking about all our options. The same goes for my career. I mostly love my job: it is challenging, stimulating and rewarding. But it is also very demanding and involves a lot more time than I would like (even when supposedly working very part-time). So I continue to ponder other possibilities and have not ruled out making changes there.

As for personal development and gratitude, that is where this challenge and blog come in. I read widely, reflect as much as I can and am really trying to pay attention to what matters in life. Mindfulness, gratitude and focus – these are all important words for me this year.